About G.Techno foods

G TECHNO FOODS is a company registered in Nigeria store/Agent that delivers natural foods and spices improving healthy living. It redefines the method of selling worldwide.

G. Techno Foods was founded by our CEO, Mr. Peter, Onyeke in the year, 2016.

The vision that propelled the CEO is that he wanted the streamline the method of getting Nigerian Foods and spice.

In his fndings, he asserted:

Organic food should be presented in a way that’s appetizing and also processed such that it could last for a period time without any adulteration or additives

G.techno foods is the subsidiary of G.Techno Interlink which deals with the mechanical processing, dehydration and other processes involved to present the goods in the best manner and prolong the food span.


100% Fresh and Organic FOOD

The Organic Store

25 Urban girls road, Nsukka, 

Enugu State

[email protected]

I developed cold feet about trusting an Agency in Nigeria after having related with some miscreants. But that changed after a friend introduced me to you. All I can say is it's amazing found you guys.
Ngozi Kelechi